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Like all Google tools, AdWords has a user friendly interface and from inside your account, you can track all kinds of the information that is gathered over the duration of your campaign. Never before has any business, advertising company or marketing firm had access to such accurate, specific and actionable information about user response and ad success rates.

At Webber Soft, we have been tracking, analysing and testing this data for our clients. We know how to optimise a campaign to make sure you’re not forking out huge amounts per click. We know how to run your campaign strategically to get you a measurable return on your investment and, (this is the bit that makes us really different) we know how to teach you what we know and give you a clear insight into what is going on.

As a team, we are really proud of the fact that we always strive to achieve the results we want in the most efficient, effective and ethical manner. This means constantly improving our systems and techniques, and sharing knowledge and ideas with our clients.we take pride in our transparent approach to managing YOUR AdWords account for YOU. Objectives of Google AdWords Campaign:

Google AdWords Campaign should successfully aim to generate millions of users for the client.

It has to create highly targeted market focusing demographics, interests and geographical attributes.

It has to show immediate and good results.

The campaign should improve the brand visibility & awareness of the products.

It must focus on arriving at a higher rate on ROI.

It has to follow a Month over Month growth rate while reducing advertising expenses.

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